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Park Inn by Radisson is a hotel brand of Radisson Hotel Group, formerly Carlson Hotels. The brand was operated by Radisson Hotel Group directly, or by Rezidor Hotel Group in the Europe, the Middle East and Africa markets.

A tourist mentioned, "I have several problems with the Park Inn: we had a Junior Suite for 4 nights.

Aricon, was very noisy and could not turn down the fan, it only have an on and off. it had a 72Db noice level.

The room was not ready when I arrived. over one hour later then the room was scheduled ready.

I asked for an extra set of towels. Which I had to ask for 3 times before I got.

I couldn't pay the breakfast in pesos with my Mastercard but only in my own currency with a + 5% rate penalty. The first day. However, I solved that the day after when I refused to pay in my own currency, and then a manager was called, then she found a machine that could receive payment in Peso. It just seems wrong that I have to call for a manager to be allowed to pay in Peso.

We had ants in the bed. which is really disgusting to share a bed with. They bite and has subsequently given one the red spots and itching all over the body.

I asked them to look at the problem and they changed the bedding but it did not remove the ants. I was not offered a new room or any kind of compensation.

The key to the elevator did not always work.

There was no In-room welcome gift as expected when one is a gold member.

We ask for a late check out. 3pm but was not able to get it confirmed before the actual days I had to check out, and then it didn't matter.

we were provided ice cubes for the room in a bucket, but they were not removed when the room was cleaned.

And then there was a office desk missing in the room. which I would expect to be in a Suite.

access to the pool was through the restaurant, which seems silly to walk through in bathing suits and a towel where people sit and eat.

So no I'm not happy with my stay at the Park Inn"


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Reviewer says

"Website was slow and not user friendly Became a radisson member and not given a members discount Website promised a discount for 3 or more days, again this was not given Booking was more expensive than Customer service at Radisson were unhelpful and defensive. Would not recommend or use this company again."

shauna murray says

"If I could give it a 0 rating I would. Upon checking in the agent charged us the incorrect amount. Instead of facing the fact that she made a mistake she processed an unauthorized payment blocking my card!!! When I went down the reception about this they said they couldn't do anything. They advised the payment didn't go through and made me make the payment again... Then I come home from my trip to find out the payment did come out and I was over charged!!! It's now been a week since I stayed there and still saying they are investigating the issue even though they have sent a receipt which clearly shows an over payment! Would not recommend this chain of hotels to anyone, stay away!!!"

Kevin Stirling says

"Worst service ever experienced. Would not recommend under any circumstances."

Hanifa says

"Terrible booking process. They have me in tears its so frustrating. I booked a room for me and my three children. They gave me only 1 bed. When I emailed them at at they refuse to have ever received the email. Now they want to charge us more for a connecting room. They also let you choose your child's age from drop down menu of upto 17. They now are telling me my 15 year old is an adult. Why would your website allow you to choose upto age 17 when you say this is not allowed. Awful awful customer service. They pass you to hotel and and hotel do not help but try to sell you an expensive family room. Devastated."

Mo Hasnein Rajani says

"I have tried to contact the hotel prior to my visit via email, but Radisson, Blu and Edwardian all refuse that this is one of their hotels. Don't get me wrong - the staff that work here are excellent. Housekeeping, the spa, the pool area, everyone was bang on, very respectful and always smiling. Housekeeping had one slight slip up and I wouldn't have noticed it, but I dropped some coins into my dustbin, and as I put my hand in to get them, I felt something sticky, slimey, slippery. Upon further inspection of what I was touching, it was a used condom from the previous guest. The door on Room 626 stops at the door for several hours before closing shut; I'm one of those people who walks in and doesn't worry too much about the door, but as I slept at 2:00am - I did wake up from my sleep when the door decided to fully shut. There is also no opening window in any of the rooms, which means that if it is a warm-ish day or night, good luck trying to get a good nights sleep. I made a passing comment about this to one of the staff, who said they would speak to their senior and come back to me, to no joy, unfortunately. The only unfortunate problem is that it is close to where I work and Manchester Arena is right opposite, which means I have to stay here several times a year."

Gemma Storey says

"Our stay here on Saturday was awful the noise was awful we were six floors up and kept up by people drinking and shout from 1.30-4.30 am. The mattress on bed was a king but Frame a double so kept rolling off onto bedside table and the breakfast in the morning was cold and swimming in grease wish we’d saved money and gone out for breakfast lack of sleep ment we didn’t go out on the Sunday and went straight home to sleep. Spoilt my birthday weekend completely."

Kirsten Lund says

"This hotel is not safe for children. I have experienced massive police presence at the hotel due to some of the guests at the hotel had a very unpleasant gathering. Also I would not recommend this hotel if you belong to any type of minority as the hotel is known to host nazi conferences,"

Daniel Schefte says

"Shame on you for hosting a conference and party for 200 self declared nazis! I will never step foot in any of your hotels again!"

Marcus Voigt says

"Never support a hotel supporting nazis"

Peter Engelbrekt says

"This hotel earn their money by hosting nazis. Dont go there.."

Simone N. says

"Uncomfortable hotel frequented by shady people. Do not book a room here if you want to feel safe at night."

Anna says

"Hosting nazi conferences irresponsible, making Copenhagen less safe for people of color. Totally unacceptable. I will never visit or recommend Park Inn!"

Heidi Hove says

"Nazi Supporters!! Never been to this hotel, never will."

Prabin Chhetri says

"Hotel is great staff are excellent but building maintenance is questionable. Stayed for over 60 nights and about 12 nights at best had working AC. other times I just froze in my room :/ I tell them about it but I cant keep saying it every week.. not really ideal Other than that it's very nice :)"

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